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Wood milling pictures of the joinery

Milling patterns from the joinery


This is the successful combination of the latest technology and art. Have pictures milled from your desired motif!


As an eccentric and visionary, King Ludwig II would today equip his castles with pictoblades! He loved to creatively combine art with the latest technology. He would certainly have dedicated a room to Pictoblades these days. Each (closet) door would have its own Pictoblade, and they would also adorn the walls!


Milling patterns are very individual:

  • Your picture

  • your color

  • lines or points

  • Line direction circle / oblique / as desired

  • lacquered and/or flamed

  • Frame incl. suspensions are incorporated at the same time, various frames can be selected


They can be used in many ways:

  • As picture to hang

  • One or more parts as a (cabinet) door / gate / flap / drawer front

Neuschwanstein with a difference, very unconventional!



The intention of master carpenter Daniel Therstappen is to present the fairy tale motif without any kitsch, far away from any clichés. This picture lives from the contrast between the fairy tale motif and the architectural representation.


It creates the connection between the past and the present, between the dream world and reality: the world of King Ludwig with the most modern milling technology in an approaching storm.  This gives the castle a modern architectural advantage.

For this photo, the master carpenter had to conquer a ledge in a snowstorm as a climber with the camera. Then we continued with the artistic design on the PC and the production.


King Ludwig would have loved this picture, simply because it dramatically depicts his dream world, the artistic part in the milling technique is not neglected and the most modern technology was used for it.


Neuschwanstein with a difference, very unconventional!

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