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The idea arises in the mind from ideas of needs, then follows a hand-made sketch, a photo-realistic representation on the PC, the precise transfer to the machines, the refinement with loving handwork and finally the careful way to you, a piece of furniture for your new world of experience.


From the idea to implementation, we are ready for your tasks.

The production of furniture takes place in our company with high-tech machines, up to the careful hand finishing of the surfaces.

Our new CNC milling machine enables  5-axis simultaneously controlled milling with a high degree of precision, efficiency and automated production.

This technology enables new areas of application in wood and plastic processing.

Whether small or large parts, as well as the most complex 3D connections, ... everything is feasible.

Through  innovative 3D software and our know-how, we can also do the most unusual projects for custom-made products,  up to free-form milling (sculptures, furniture, prototypes and series of CNC semi-finished products)carry out.


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