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Milling pattern "Neuschwanstein"

(is a company of the Free State of Bavaria. The name is protected as a name)


Are you looking for an extraordinary gift?



Exactly 268mm x 328mm x 19mm



The material we use is very high quality; a brown-yellow fiberboard. Therefore, the picture appears very bright and friendly.



The panel was painted on both sides with a multi-layer structure and after milling it was again varnished with a clear matt finish (thereby improving the dimensional stability and protective layer).

A high-quality 2-component paint was used as the finish paint. (gives the picture a beautiful silky sheen)



On the back there are sloping millings for hanging up the picture.

Original only with our logo.


Production time:

1 in stock

1-2 weeks+ shipping time


Neuschwanstein image 27 x 33 cm

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