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An image based on your template


Are you looking for an exceptional gift? 


A milling pattern made individually for you.

Here we mill spirally. The emphasis on the middle creates a bond between both sides. (Other milling directions are also possible on request: horizontal lines, vertical lines, oblique lines and waves.)


How does it work?

Quite simply, you send us a sharp digital image in color or black and white and we mill your most beautiful moments into a fibreboard as a memory.



36cm x 27cm x 10mm



The panel used is a very high-quality, solid-colored wood fiber panel.



The panel was coated on both sides with a multi-layer structure and clear coated again after milling (this minimizes warping and also creates a protective layer).



The edges are black and are coated with clear lacquer.



There are adhesive hooks on the back for hanging.


Production time:

1-3 weeks + shipping

Individual image (with your own photo) 36 x 27 cm

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