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Dining table / desk


This excitingly structured table is made entirely of local ash wood. The tree stood in the foothills of the Alps, not far from the Wieskirche.

This table is a single piece.


Surface :

The feet are stained gray and oiled.

The tabletop has been slightly rounded and heavily brushed on all sharp edges.

The liveliness of the wood was preserved in the individual processing steps and it is precisely this irregularity that gives the table an extraordinary feel that wants to be felt immediately.


approx. dimensions:

Table height:  height 80.5-82.0 cm (the table surface is minimally wavy)

Table top: width 75-94 cm, length 186 cm, thickness 6 cm


The table is glued to the feet, it can only be transported as a whole !


Tablo alpha 186 x 94 cm

SKU: 2022Tisch01
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