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"The White-Gray Box"


Two drawers made from a birch tree that was felled on a winter's night near Bad Kohlgrub.

Old technology meets modern. The drawers are mounted very easily with tip-on fittings.

The outer body was dovetailed and tenoned, the inner body appears to be floating at first glance, which makes this very heavy piece of furniture appear light.

The surface has only been brushed and left untreated on the outer wood. (When brushing, only the hard spatwood rings remain from the wood, making it less susceptible to mechanical stress such as scratches or the like.

The inner bodies are made of high-quality dyed fibreboard, which has been sealed with a natural effect varnish.

For easier transport, the drawers can be removed and the inner body transported separately.


Arca Canus 132x128 and 115x165 cm

wood type
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