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"The Cherry Shelf"


A noble shelf made of cherry wood from Lenggries.

Many wood connections adorn this piece of furniture. Many details are installed, from dovetailing and mortising to overhanging mahogany dowels.

On the outside, the wood is only brushed and not straightened (planed); that gives the wood even more of its natural character. A special linseed oil mixture was used as the surface, which emphasizes the wood structure in its natural way.



Shelf closed on the left, in the middle 3 vertical struts, to the right 2 vertical struts and opening.

Milled handles on the drawers. These were hung on wooden strips, which makes the shelf unten appear much more airy.


A protruding floor was also made, under which devices such as DVD players or receivers can be stowed.


The shelf is completely glued and can only be picked up or delivered in one piece. Please inquire in advance about transportation.


The furniture can also be made of other types of wood.



Total body 163 x 230 x 50 cm

Compartment for e.g. television 87.3 x 107 cm with additional shelf 70.7 x 107 cm


Arca Cerasus 163 x 230 cm

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